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  a) Dhan-M-zyme

b) Ankur and uttam fertilizer

Ingredients: derived from living and non-living natural sources i.e. seaweeds, hydrolyzed proteins, and humus substances.

Composition: seaweed extracts ³ 20%, humic/fulvic acid > 5%, polypeptides and amino acids, natural PGR, natural harmones: Gibberellins, Auxins, cytokinins. Traces of micro-elements

Forms available: liquid for foliar application and granules for soil application

Effect: promote balanced growth of crops. Builds up the capacity of immunity and resistance. Improves crop quality, quality of fruits and flowers and increases yield.

Method of application: after being dissolved in neutral water by stirring DHAN-M-ZYME is applied for foliar spray or in soil with irrigation water. Granules are broadcasted directly on soil.

Application dose: dilute by adding water 600-1000 times as much or add 1-1.5 ml/ltr and for applying it with irrigation water add 2-3 lt/ha

Granuels are broadcasted 25-50 kg/Ha directly on soil depending on fertility of soil and stage of crops.

A total organic fertilizer and bio-organic soil enriches for all types of crops. Especially for organic farming.

Composition: derived from biomass by bacterial and fungal decomposition and enriched with neem-oil, humus and traces elements.

Forms available: free flowing fine granular powder.

  • greater absorption of nutrients from soil.
  • Rapid growth of plant
  • Promote disease resistance
  • Many fold increase in quality and quantity of yield.

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